SEO Services In Geelong

A Quick Guide To SEO Services In Geelong

Are you interested in SEO services in Geelong? Not sure about the different types of SEO services available? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you definitely want to pay attention to this article. There are many different types of SEO services and the ones that you choose should depend on the needs of your website. So, without further ado, we will now look at the most popular SEO services.

Website audits are typically the first SEO service you should order for your website, especially if you haven’t had your site audited in awhile. An SEO website audit is the complete analysis of your website which includes its on-page SEO efforts, links, internal links, ranking, traffic, site speed, technical analysis and more. This is extremely important because it will let you know exactly what is going right and wrong with your website. For example, you may learn that you have a keyword over-optimization problem on your site and that is why you can’t get it past the 2nd page of Google. You may also learn you have penalties on your site which need to be resolved first before any other SEO work is done.

seo services in geelong

Next, backlink building are another extremely popular SEO service offered by most SEO agencies. There is a huge amount of importance placed on links since it is what propels a site forward in the SERPs. You need to get high quality links from authoritative sites in relevant niches. So, many agencies offer backlink services such as outreach, PBN links, guest posts and more. It is best to stick to white hat link types since black hat types typically attract Google penalties very easily.

To wrap things up, these are two of the most important SEO services in Geelong that you should consider. They will not only help you to understand your current position but also help your site to move up the SERPs.