All You Need to Know About Medicare

Facts, Advantages, and Why It Will Make Your Life Easier

The U.S. population is aging, and there are some big changes on the horizon for senior citizens! The Medicare program will be changing in 2022, with a new system that offers more coverage at less cost to seniors. This article is designed to offer an overview of what you need to know about Medicare so you can keep up with the trends and make sure your parents or grandparents are happy with their healthcare options as they age. So, at the end of the day, Do I really need supplemental insurance with Medicare and here is why.

First, let’s take a look at the key differences between Medicare Parts A and B. Part A is hospitalization insurance that covers inpatient stays – but it doesn’t pay for other medical costs like physicians’ visits or prescriptions. Part B is an outpatient coverage which includes protection against high-cost medical expenses when you see doctors outside of hospitals (and some additional benefits). It does not cover all care received from healthcare providers out of network unless there are specific provisions to do so.

Do I Really Need Supplemental Insurance With Medicare

Second, here’s what will be changing in 2022: In order to qualify for these new changes, seniors must have either purchased creditable prescription drug coverage after 2011 or been enrolled in Medicaid before 2020. The program offers more comprehensive assistance than traditional Medicare by covering the following benefits:

– Basic dental and vision coverage.

– Covers more outpatient services, including lab tests, mental health counseling, podiatry, hearing aids and speech therapy.

Thirdly – Here’s how to make seniors happy with Medicare! Make sure they have affordable prescription drug coverage by enrolling them in a plan that covers their medications or choosing one of these popular plans for 2018/2019: Amerigroup Silver Plan (medicare silver), AARP Medigap Policy M (medicare supplemental) , Humana One Low Premium Medicare Supplement Insurance Quotes F (medicare supplement). All three are HSA eligible!