Starting A Blog From Scratch

How to start a blog from scratch

Creating Your First Blog

How much does it cost to own a website? Well, having in mind the process of creating a preliminary web design, and then putting all those pieces in one entirely finished projects, we can safely say that owning a website can be a bit pricey. If you are not a client who needs just simple things and a place to promote a business, then you should not be spending thousands of dollars on the website. You should just what the internet has given you, and that would be a free platform to create your own blog.

How to start a blog from scratch

If you want to know How to start a blog from scratch and how to customize it, then you should follow one of the many tutorials that you can get for free. This platform is made for people who just recently started their own business, but not only for them, literally anyone can use this platform. In order to use this platform, you will have to create an account and once this is all set, you can start building your first blog. When you enter the customization panel, you will notice that the interface is user-friendly, and it has the drag and drop feature. If you want to have a blog page, with one large image at the top, and several smaller images in the middle of the text, then you will drag the image square and place it on the screen, exactly where you need it to be!

Creating a blog is as simple as it sounds! You do not need to do anything else, but simply customize your first blog page!